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2,996(Remembering 9/11 Terrorist Attacks)
UN (16th August / Benin city)

2,996(Remembering 9/11 Terrorist Attacks)

Poem By Uche Nwanze

Just like every day ordinary folks, just like any other day or so it seemed. Left they their homes with hugs and kisses, unaware it will be the last kiss.
Goodbyes were said, unconscious that farewell would have been apt.
Smile torn in shreds, Fear their companion.
Tomorrow, they never knew only a fantasy.
On a serene sunny Tuesday morning, behind the pregnant clouds and lurking in the blue skies, birds of horror.
The Sun kept mum, the Moon swallowed by a deep slumber unconscious of the smell of terror.
Ordinary folks like any other day swept away, the machinations of rabid dogs.
Away from us, before our eyes stolen from us, the land bathed in orgy of blood.
Smile now stolen from our Lips, plucked out like red roses.
Cowards, reason thrown to the winds. Leprous hate festering, on ordinary folks they spewed.
Yesterday ordinary folks now in the realm of angels.
Your light extinguished from this accursed place, your memories shall never go extinct in our hearts.
The flame of your martyrdom kindled in forever land.
I rise in honour of the voice never again to be heard, but will forever resound in our thoughts.
I stand in awe, the libation your flawless blood immersed on our world.
I rise in reverence, your names never to be blotted from the pages of history.
We remember this ordinary folks, their praises will be sung for generations.
Cut from this realm of mortality, you'll never die in our hearts.
Your flame, enkindled till the end of time.
No terror can quench this flame.
No horror can fade your memories from our hearts.

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Comments (4)

A tribute very feelingly and well penned.
You can say that again Kings, I appreciate your kind comments.
Insanity that cost so many lives... well written
The pain of losing loved ones unexpectedly in the hands of cowards. A beautiful poem.