2 A Afflunces-Poem-Cauchy3

Poem By cheung shun sang

2 A affluences-poem

Cocks of the rocks are red feathers.

Red suits but squint venoms.

Hidden symbols are butches -gestures

Wrote pieces are foul works.

Records on earths are no true birds.

Squirt venoms are cobra heads.

His wings cover bloody rains.

The lakes of demons greet his years.

Treachery and sorcery are all fused.

Palms and thumbs are tricks and wands.

Nuts and bolts are evil nuts.

Degradations lives and cultures of nasty!

Beau ideas are beau geste

Burst words are thrust arms.

Spreading lobes are shaped red.

Worm powers are creeper laws.

Arts are curves but means are pointedly.

All soldiers are pointing and poking.

Moving coils are laws of motions.

Refer sins are lives as motors.

Re-fight models are new shields.

Assumptions on true are venoms facts.

Evils styles are hell s guides.

Defeated morals are operated factors.

Cutting metals are on butt s zones.

Capes of symbols are red colors.

Branding fires and evil rains!

Forces and powers are bent of brains.

Penney calculates the energies of atoms.

Lee man warm has copies.

Sweet moneys are flow of coins.

Extorted thoughts are feels on histories.

Coal mining, oil drilling and hays!

Life peers are actors of jokes.

Show me your show hands.

Laws in dens are tombs in towers.

To plagues the snakes by weasels.

To cross the zones of dark lights!

Paws are tories and troy is Aeneas.

Cats- paws are letters of nights.

Leaders in pits have moveable fangs.

Honeys are surfaces of pitcher plants.

Vile laws are boiling tars.

Associated names are real trades.

Rummy by cards and laws by owners!

Asylums of wars are hero homes.

Spending times are exalted posts.

Hunt for worlds with examined powers.

Free their arms are for juices or bloods.

Bamboo apples and banana nuclear!

Nukes and guns are cast moods.

Operative moods are best of evils.

China tracts are systems pinks.

Prints in pinks but red as rouges!

Get the shows or take the pains.

Slave to justices and lives are rough.

--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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