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(2) A Happy Family
GM Gary McPhail (01-09-89 / Chesterfield)

(2) A Happy Family

There was me,
my brothers; a total of three,
A step-dad who was my mothers husband to be,
Each one loving each other
As we waited for a sister after being concieved,

Just recently we had bought a camera,
We stocked up on VHS tapes,
So many laughs and so much anger,
When living room boxing went on so late.

I remember a day out
The zoo is where we went
The goat ate my bag instead of the food
And tried to eat my coat through the fence.

Me and my brothers never got along
But what brothers do
We punched and shouted until we'd hurt,
But looked out for each other to,
My eldest was always grounded
coz he was a rebel on the streets,
He'd get his opinion across,
But was grounded by six,
The other was a follower, he'd follow the eldest,
The eldest became annoyed, and once again got grounded.

I tried being like my brothers,
but I never could, The youngest was a baby,
I preferred to be good,
My step dad taught me alot about respect
I listened as I should,
He taught me about love
And how I should grow up
coz life isnt always good

I was close to my mother,
I didnt want to be apart,
she'd tuck me into bed
and push me on the swings in the park
she would tickle my tummy
and buy me new clothes
she would cook something yummy
and keep me warm when it was cold.

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Family is a beautiful thing. In the best of times they laugh share and cry, and in the worst of times, they fight argue but in the end they always are still family. You will never find anoter one quite just like them. Well penned.