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2-A Lemon Word-Poem-Cauchy3
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2-A Lemon Word-Poem-Cauchy3

2-a lemon word (poem)

Hospitals are bad hosts of hospitality.

Moneys spinners have markets with moneys.

Over our spheres over and done!

Constant dollars lost their constants.

Curfew plays play to eyes.

Crew necks are crews to export.

Truths expose our expose codes.

Drugs expose some exposed bodies.

Long for long arms protections!

Rash our stomachs to rash foods!

Loss to rascal loss leaders!

Harmful goods are good ham for traders.

Bar laws are bars when stir

Bear moneys then you are bears.

Mortal of morals are mortal things.

Hopes of lucks are hopped legs.

Bound legs are bound feet.

Feet of tyrants are ruler feet.

Absentees are absent without cares.

Poor label as poor marks.

Funs are fun to well off.

Fogs below wells have no well advises.

Well born are not well chosen.

Found the found lives of slaves

--Cheung shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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written with shimemring brilliance..well done
This is a hilarious post, Herbert. I couldn't agree more. Both of these guys write these never changing, computer-generated pieces. No soul. That's the big problem with both.
Say, here is a suggestion: Get together with Bob Gotti and combine your far-reaching talents. That way, something may evolve that even God has nothing against and he will allow people to like it. You would receive 3's and 4's, maybe a 5 on a good day. How about it? Failing that, I don't know where you live but, to me it ain't far enough. H