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My Heart To Yours (Gentle Love)

My heart calls to yours in pure gentleness
and true caring love.
It calls to you to tell you I care
and I will always be here.
It calls out to say you're a good woman
and I know that is true.
It calls out to say you're beautiful too
in every way.

My heart calls to yours in true
caring gentle love that is so rare in this world,
It calls to yours in it's admiration and
need to have you near so we can feel
each others hearts lovingly beating together.
My heart, soul and I want you to know
you are the most important and beautiful woman in this world
and that life is incomplete without you here
to talk to and share everything with.

My heart calls to you in true gentle love
to let you know again that it is always yours,
it was from the start and I want you to keep
and cherish it through this life and into the next.
I want you to cherish it as I cherish you
holding you so very close In my arms
giving sweet kisses to my sweet Angel dove.
My heart is yours and it calls to you
so you'll always know.

I call to you my sweet love with my heart
so full of pride and true love for you it overflows,
it fills the universe to near bursting in
it's immense gentle care and loving ways.
I just want to be with you and take care
of all our lives needs.
I want to help heal your heart and mine while we snuggle
and bond in the most wonderful of times.
I want to be with you everyday
through the rest of space and time.
I love you sweet Kira and my heart calls to you
in true and pure gentle caring love.

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

Comments (9)

But it’s hard to tell the difference When you’re on a mystery tour.... ............................................. It you have told very expressively, gallantly...10... Tsira
worse yet when you have nothing to measure by well done 10
enigma stars planets and that unkown place nice thanks for sharing this great write +10 regards anju
My 10 for the last wonderful stanza.
A mystery indeed! We do not know what is out there and it's pretty exciting. Loved your poem, David. Warm Wishes, Marilyn
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