...2 Abc Hk And China-V2-Cauchy3

2 ABC of H.k. and China revised vision.

Barrels tears are wines and salts.
With a whisk on goody tails!
Wiggle maces to fix the heads.
Heads in jack on boxes are ceased.

Cry to paranoid truly bosses.
Bosses are jokers take your boys.
Studs are bogs with fire apples.
True predicates worth cases.’

Descents wash in badly bands.
Wholly sales are smart with cats.
Who got tenth honors in China?
Homage grand to play and plays!

Trim the times of hearts then cry.
Tanks in steels but voice wail.
Bossy dragged by tails that whisked.
Go very timid and love the wise.

Hands are lent but laws are ends.
Cases on courts are borrowed lands.
Length long with treads to retch!
Straps on times and watch here.

Arrays tanks but all are men.
Cross all suctions steal the ends.
Cave on minds are cages on objects.
Rouser rockets powers holes.

Confine curses to stop our wounds.
Whirl your bodies and jump on grounds.
Crouch of soldiers after kicks with flings.
Block one leg and hit the middle.

Cauchy3 know the tricks to kill.
Threaten weak oppressed ill.
Surpass scores are bad in honors.
Wash to think that build the homes.

Angel sins but cauchy3 has funs.
Make ones tools when hats are found.
Worlds are drawers on bottom noses.
Singular ugly piece is rose.

Wily mores are teeth of sharks.
Saw with tooth is laws in arts.
Artful men power with grids.
Bodies stamped and wills are ridden.

Sign in forth with battles conquered.
Triumphs on candles whip the stands.
Soups are soaps and faiths not come.
We are meats in balls and rice to constants.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

by cheung shun sang

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