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when you left me,
like i said, i would be lost.
and now i am.

i know everything happens for a reason.
and everythin needs it time and place.
i guess we had the wrong timing.

i never thought we would end this way.
now im falling, ready to hit the floor, at any moment.
when i finally do, ill realize, if our love was even true.

this is what i want to say to you,
i love you, i never doubted my love for you ever.
i miss you, now more than ever.

when i wake up in the morning,
i still think bout you.
when i go to sleep at night,
i wonder if your thinkin bout me too.

when everything is wrong,
you were the only one,
that made me smile.

you were the one,
that make me think,
everything is gonna be okay.

for all the things you done,
i must give thanks.
so thank you, for your time being with me.
thank you..

if you ever need me, im always gonna be there for you.

by Dislocated Heart

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love is hard but you never regret it.love never fades away its always there it may turn into something else but it will never go alway love is lost but never forgotten thats the best part about love it hurts but its another lesson that life has to offer