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2 Be God -Peom
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2 Be God -Peom

2-be God-poem

Bring in the fears of what to exist

Trinity is years on walls to erase

Break down the walls to quit

On crepe papers charts are printed

Challenges and polls for no Gods

Universes are made from radiations and explosions

Bubbles are not taken care of bubbles

Bibles are waters to bring rubella

Immunities to coughs are polls and sciences

Beard to hymns when Gods are sick

A heavy mine of uranium is darkness

A condensed hole melt the explains

The powers can blow up all balloons

A proud review on Gods flaws

The absolute high and low in temperatures

The massive quick and thick ball

The laws of masses are corrected.

Energies meet with transducers but constants

When powers are absorbed states will altered

Atomic spectra is for heats and lights

Resonances of magnetic and electric waves

Are heats belong to thermal dynamic

Can we feel the tools and tabs?

Can we defined our times as they pass

The decrease in gravities will take times

Our spheres are expanding to bind

Jackal can leap but times have eyes

Times fixed to each no roles of bibles

Our finite spaces are stars interlacing

Comply to Gods will tamper the times

Complexes are weaves forms when ruled

But not Gods to view machines and causes

Tallies on woods are fingers of Gods

Magic of gods are curses to grow

Zero out Gods to arrange in rows

To jibe to Gods the minds of narrows

--Poem by Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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Comments (3)

ok, im not sure what to think. this could be more then one poem.
I thought I was on a poem site. This is really stretching thins a bit, wouldn't you say. But, then again, I knew someone who saw art in flyshit and gooseshit. H
Quite an amazing little poem you have written Cheung. Somehow, this makes perfect sense to tonight!