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2 Bodies
TRW (In may / Maine)

2 Bodies

My body pressed against yours
Wet kisses, dry kisses, long kisses, short kisses
I jump on you and wrap my arms around your neck and my legs around your waist
Another kiss on your neck
All the way to your lips

Scratches all down your back
Scratches on mine
Intence desire but can not cave
Morals in the way
And not wanting lil me’s

You hold me down with your hands in mine
I like it rough as we battle each other for control as we roll around on the grass
bruises in the same place as of now
I’m on top your on bottom our bodies pressed together with soft touches
Now your on top and you’re a little rough
Pressed against me

Breathing heavier and heavier
A bonding connection between our lips
With your body close to mine

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i like the way your words paint images in my head, very well written :)