[2.Fully In Love] Forgot To Say

Her eyes pierce me like a sword to the chest,
Infecting my heart with ache.
Subtle, sweet, and sublime I'm hooked by one look,
Because that's all that it takes.
A wavy smile rolls across her lips,
And the motion pulls me under.
The rolling ocean of her face,
Cannot be shaken by thunder.
For she is more than decibels,
No sound could quite compare.
That mortal being is allowed to view her,
Doesn't quite seem fair.
Her silky silver hair,
Is the lining of which is spoken.
Nature itself would suffer,
Should her heart ever be broken.
The clouds would weep and earth would tremble,
Should she feel an ounce of pain.
This is no ordinary girl,
This is no common dame.
So high above my worth,
I'm astonished to be seen at all.
Yet somehow I find favor in those eyes,
The ones that beckon and call.
That any adoration of mine would be returned,
Confound this foolish boy.
So when I learned it was reciprocated,
My heart erupted with joy.
My only hope now is that this will not fade,
For that would tear me in two.
There's one more thing I forgot to mention,
This beautiful girl is you.

by Benjamin Feliciano

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