(03/16/90 / Seoul)

The Spaces

There will be a thousand years of peace or so much more once we are done with
this aeon:
There is a mixed purity of God around everything and we call it ‘space'.
Like spaces between atoms and the small particles,
Little storms between quark and quark.
between everything: between my eyes and its reflecting back to your pupil.
between my heart and our embraces. And the blood flow to make it work
When we breathe at the same time, sharing respiration
When we breathe in respiration and think of the world - its axis almost dances.
Late at night, I think of the sky and how it seems spaced further away
I remember the sound of your parka jacket as you made it proof of love to me
over the phone long distance.
my prayers bounce up higher and higher from my prayer book until Jerusalem.
Above my head, prayers twirl. Dream-twisting from the sky's breeze. Banners
flapping in courtesy with the bride of presence - the divine-presence. Love - the
lucidity: All the colours are sparkling - they've made it. The endless elevator of
Love which takes me to your door - it's clear now
oh darling, your mother stole your birth, no one as gorgeous as you would have
lived otherwise - the angels rushed too, kissing and touching about your mouth.
The space between their rush: blessed
our kisses have made our mezuzas full of charged golden letters chasing their
Even Between the moon and sea there's space... beyond sonar, lunar beats.
Hush, hush, my darling...
Yes, little darling, don't cry, there's an Ocean that carries our voices wide (the fish
glide close and pulse towards the optic fibres)
And what about the beauty of a lei? There are too many spaces between leis. Too
many countries. Between the calyx and the stamen. Between the sugar cane and
the burning of it. Between King Kamehameha and keeping your country.
That night on Oahu, She swam like a cygnet still in need of lessons. And I see her,
my Underwater Ballerina calls out "Eli! " I rush to swim and raise her up so high.
We swim back with cyan fish winking. The space between life and near-death.
Space between an angel at His throne...H/he asks us to fill us up our faith.
Ascending and descending the ladder, struggling to overcome.
The flaming sword of Eden pausing at each pinnacle.
The bride has it and it shines in the air reflecting her
She says "I will love you with my seal as soon as we enter the Orchard."
only between our kisses can we find relief: I give up what's left to make me whole
The stars are too in awe to rise.
1000 years of peace or the time from before creation... so much space between
time, so much space.

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Comments (3)

I know exactly how that feels. Time heals all wounds. You will be alright.
ah..heartbreak.. now thats something i can relate to. just keep your mind off it, though it will be almost impossible. and for the poem, i think it was excellent. really captured and showed how you feel and the confusion accompanied with it. Poet In Pain
wow violent and......mice good poem jennifer you may have felt heartbreak but who hasn't one things for sure you have to let it pass like i did but its hard though possible your a good poet keep up the your work go go