BCF ((May 13th,1988- / New York)

2 Mari

I could be the addict, if you'd be my fix
My niccas gon call me mattress, str8 soft for this chick
Id fly home tomorrow, take off for this chick
Katrina stole her home, you can hear the loss in her lips
Kelis betta back down, theres Boss in this chick
I hope she aint bluffin, im willin to go all in wit chips
Swaga Switch....

Where can i even BEgin?
trying to get a goddess but lets be honest WE sin
all she saw in his past she may never really see him
his games she see dem, so he dont psp it
she skims his poetry but she really don't believe it
half of its nonsense about him gettin weeded
crushes change every week, and damn this dude too conceited
you gimme faith, your a blessing, im pressing til you believe it
kills me to wait, out the state, theres some bout chu i know i need it
when you stumble upon a dime do you pick it up or do you leave it?
i could show you mad love...dont be mad dumb u deserve & need it...: -P

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