2 Poems On Contention


But for a contretemps,
the war

by Douglas Scotney Click to read full poem

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This is a great poem.
An intriguing poem about different worlds, different universes.
We are living in a world where you can buy half a pound of hazelnuts and half a pound of filberts and come out of the shop with packets of different nuts. In other words, we are living in another universe. - - - - - - A beautiful write- - -Weapons can be used both for attack or for defence.Fault does not lie with the weapon, but the user.Why should we resort to war without trying peaceful means to find a solution?
Superb write you have shared with us all. Incredibly interesting. Thank you
Shelled! ! Confusion! Thanks for sharing.
A poem of conflicting outcomes? That I suspect all end up in tears and crushed nuts! .......well penned Douglas
A beautiful poem on how we are living through controversies. Very well crafted. Congrats.
Good poem with strong emotion underneath... congratulation for poem of the day.
bomb, weapon, war plaintiff disputatious country to country open secret superpower agree disagree and the orphan peace - oh hoho - promiscuous and wanton love just a body - chest and back bakes under secret sun-moon ..../// greatly written
Douglas, such a well penned poem. Congrats for being chosen......10++++++++++++++
Most times in the end it's hard to tell the good from the bad. The main point I suppose is winning. Hitler was evil then should we have bombed Dreaden. Then today who gases who is an interesting question.