2 Prison Poems

The Cat o Nine Tails
Stretched on a frame in the bathhouse
Ankles and wrists lashed hard
Rab the cat was sentenced

by Sheena Blackhall Click to read full poem

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Brutal and graphic! Congrats on poem of the day!
A poem from the edge of human existence, which is an advantage. My only comment is that you use extreme, emotive language perhaps too much-' ripping lashes', cat 'o nine tails', 'back flayed and scarred' - where moderate words could have achieved more. 'Less is more'. Still an interesting poem.
The crash of the heaving waves Tons of water, pummelling sand and rock great great write great 10++++++
Great stuff, young lady. Also, congrats on this poem being chosen as 'POD. Big ups!
Having been in a number of riots in my youth in Florida They were always race riots and no where to hide. That was 44 years ago. The politics in prisons in America are designed this way On purpose. In Florida nearly one percent of the population die yearly In this day and age it's scary. Thanks for reminding us that there are two side's to most Of the riots. And congrats on your poem selection for a day. James McLain 🎸
The sad incident of the past is presented vividly. Poignant and thought provoking. Loved the way you have penned the incident. Congrats.
Sheena, you've penned well the horrific acts of the past. We can all learn from history. Congratulations on POD and thanks for posting. : -)
Paraded before the press. A hood on his head A blade at his throat. Cruel torture antics Fifteen minutes overturned......//// beautiful portrayed the torture cell of prison; superb poem penned, congrats for being selected this poem as POD
MOST IMPORTANT NOTE: In 2009 SHEENA became the poet laureate for Aberdeen & the North East of Scotland.
WOW! Twice chosen as The Member Poem Of The Day. Great Hurray! FIRST OF ALL: CONGRATULATIONS on being chosen as TMPOTD. God's Blessings for you and your beloved family. Incredibly beautiful poem with incredible Truth of the occurrences. I love poems like this, God's Bliss. I like honesty.
Back to order! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Intriguing piece. Thanks for sharing the image where vivid
Tantalizing tremor we feel after reading the written words and images between lines bring some chaotic collages to decipher its protagonist dilemma.... The poem is referred to intelligence. It's field of work and experience of working past or may not be so hard, simply imagined paradox! .... Written well the wild wings.
This is hard-hitting narrative. Starting with material from the cold medium of television, you have imaginatively rendered it in the visceral, warm medium of poetic reportage. Or perhaps you were there. I will seek out more of your work. A rarely-given 10.
Beautifully portrayed one kind of a past rule, where ever it was. Criminals are criminals, where ever they are. But, who make criminal and why, and who make prisons and for what purpose, some questions with no clear cut answers, it seems. Thought provoking poem indeed. Please read my poem no.69, Closing down of a prison for a different angle to view prisons. Congrats on your positioning. Thanks for sharing.X
A poem on riot, rampage, and explosion of human rage has been touchingly delineated. Thanks and congratulations for being selected this poem as the poem of the day.
Graphic picture of prison riot! Expertly presented. Congrats for POD selection Sheena.10+++
A poem on historical truth- - -the story of barbarism and torture potrayed in the poem pierce the heart - - To know that men can become such inhuman. Congratulations for being selected as Poet of the Day.
A sad poem of historical truths? Well written Sheena.
An excellent description though your words are incredibly haunting.