2 Short Poems From The Thunderbolt Carline

Poem By Sheena Blackhall

A Very Expensive Lamb
(£367,000 sheep is world's most expensive)

A Pedigree Texel wee lamb
Double Diamond, a good breeding ram
In Lanark was sold
For a fortune in gold
It was hoped he could give the grand slam

Worries of a Three Year Old
Told by a granddaughter

My bum has got a crack. Mummy it's true!
It splits my little bum cheeks into two

I've seen cracks in the pavements
There, weeds show
From my behind will dandelions grow?

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Ha ha ha Nicely composed poem. I liked it thanks for sharing little minds so curious and funny at times.5 Stars
Lol. Hahaha. Its lovely comedy. Thanks for cheering me up

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