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(20) - Ending
JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)

(20) - Ending

I burn.
Endless, in my ending.
I burn,

Flashes of my memory, now:
Existence, after life.
My evils,
My hunger,
Face me.
I know my state, now.
The evil I have done,
The evil I did in life,
Has condemned me to this torment.
Once, I was offered love.
Redeeming Love.
But I refused it:
The lust,
The hunger,
Drove me.
It was my master,
And I loved it.

I realize now my error.
-Death the eternal punishment
For this error.-
I chose my own hunger
-Human blood, mine-
Over the only thing
That could have kept me from this,
The true eternal darkness:
That thing,
If I had but accepted,
But I did not,
And now it is too late.
My eternity on earth,
A thousand years,
Is over,
And I am doomed now to real eternity
In fire.

Wisdom comes with belief.

Believe in me, my kind, and fear.

But now, believe in me, and fear-
Not for your blood, as once was,
But for your soul.
Save yourself from the fate I exist in, now.

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