SS ( / Ohio)

20 Giving

Oh Clara T.. a mind of perfect clarity.. heartfont of pouring charity
.. as in the woods of Cherokee.. grows
allfruit giving cherry tree
Shelter workers.. so patient.. for elephants in folding their tents..
take a little longer
Kudzu, unthanked, hangs her tapestries..
on every telephone pole and happy tree.
Fir sentinels stay and stand tall
guarding the space where the waters fall.
She is a projected table rock in a waterfall..
always pouring out what she receives
Santa's sleigh silhouettes the moon
above sylvan
framed snow.. the moon's silver slivers are everywhere
The torch never diminishes its own fire.. when enkindling
other torches through giving entire
Watering apple trees in spring each act of charity returns amplified for summer is in the fall applefied.

His mind does not bookkeep. His mind does not measure.
To give of heart treasure is his greatest pleasure.

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