20 Women And A Monk

Poem By Roger Bewman

20 women lookin’ at him
they didn’t realise he was drinkin’ Jim Beam

they twisted his beliefs
with nasty griefs

they planted a seed
of evil deed

20 women laughin’ at him
they didn’t realise he was close to Him

they poisoned his body
wrinkled his heart

they molested his past
and tore apart his future

A monk lookin’ at them
He didn’t realise they wanted his gem

He made them believe
With holy prosaic weave

He planted religion
With iron maiden legion

A monk laughin’ at them
He didn’t realise they were close to M

He drained their fire
Forfeited their lust

He vortexed their past
And illuminated their future

Comments about 20 Women And A Monk

Good for him! .....................
An interesting poem, I love it.
you own your style...this poem comes with freshness.
Roger, I gave you a Mark of ''10''...just for the title, alone. (I wish I had another ''10'' for the poem.' The title is hilarious and spurs alot of..... ''Gee! I wonder what's this poem's about! '' Wonderfully entertaining! Good one, Roger! ! Deanna xx
Hy roger Nice to Meet you I was born In Brazil also Finaly meeting somebody from Brazil for the first time I was born in Sao paulo But now I live in Toronto I been writing poetry now for 11 years You poem is interesting I never thought that monks would drink Beacuse alcohool Is not allowed in religion That surprises me

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