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2000, Or Bad Poem
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2000, Or Bad Poem

They told me with hushed frightened voices
That it would be the end of civilization end of the world
At the end of the Millennium
The night they watched the silver ball New York City
Held their breath bated waited for the end
Nothing happened, it was all the same
But really, the world began to change
No one realized it too caught up in life
Not one human noticed- not till long later
Civilization began to end then began to crumble
They said humans would always control technology but no one noticed a thing
Technology was learning to control them
Dependent now on machines and metal
No one lives w/o TV cell phone iPod microwave
People became stupid and gullible as soon as the years changed
The world suddenly went insane
4 years later a monkey elected president
New York crushed by 2 planes lies and setups
It's Osama Bin Laden! Not Saddam Hussein!
You wanna know why they have nuke-you-lar weapons?
My daddy sold 'em to him!
War started over there in the Middle East
Lies and deceit believed by mechanical robot Americans
Everyone's got atomic bombs
We've all got atomic bombs
We've all got guns pointed at each other's head
It wont be long till the world's gone
It'll have blown up in a bomb of rage
lies gossip stupid celebrities health care scams monkeys robots computers cell phones

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