K (7/26/85 / Queens, New York)

2004/04 Part Ll

The barriers that hold me back
cannot stop the magnet
that uncontrollably allows
my hand to caress your face
in our special place

I'd die if I had to look
and not touch your beautiful body
or watch someone else love you
with their hands and eyes and lips
to your nose down to your fingertips

My heart would break
if someone else were to feel
your fingers down the deep curve
of her spine
like you fell in love with mine

Or to feel your tongue make its way
from her neck to her valley
to the top of her mountain

No, these tears burn my eyes
at the very thought
of someone stealing from my heart
or opening my christmas gift
Its not hers and she knows it

My heart would break
because I know its not possible
Those barriers cannot stop me
from falling in love with your eyes,
open or closed
While I look on, I suppose

(4-11-04) 10 a.m.

by Kiracakes09 ...

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