Poem Hunter
2005/06 Key
K (7/26/85 / Queens, New York)

2005/06 Key

when you grab my hair
when you squeeze my skin
or even grind against me
you do more than turn me on
each time you let me know
more and more that this is my home
each time I fall trying to fly
I come back to your nest
of fingers, baby hairs, shoulders, hugs,
embraces, reassurance, smiles and those sparkling eyes
oh those eyes give me hope
they bring me back to solid ground
and yet send me soaring through the clouds
if I had to be a homeless man on a park bench
you'd be the one dog I'd keep giving my food to
if I was a little kid running away from home
you would be the postcard picture of where I'm headed
condsidering the short time that I've known you
it still seems like you're all I've got
seems like all of my future is in you
in our conversations and our laughter

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