DR (October 1980 / West Covina, CA)

(2006) Musical Heartache

Darkened spaces filled with heated bodies
only you are aglow amist the shadowed forms
your language flowing through me like a breeze
sparking vacancies I believed had long since dissapeared

Could you ever see in me sweet inspiration
the type that caresses you in humble sleep
Could I ever be someone you can love
a best friend, confidant, and source of comfort

I want my words to fit your melodies
and form new worlds only passion can create
I wish my lyrics would be granted access
to your hidden solice of chords and rhythms

Dreams colored in minors and flats
your music filling my lonely sphears
though my wishes of our combining are forever damned
as you fade away on my vacant stage.

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I am sitting here totaly in love with this poem, Very deep.....great job Deana