JH (January 4,1931 / a citizen of the world)

I Am Citizen Senior

I Am Citizen Senior

{Free Verse}
Oct 17,2019• Copyright © daniel miltz

What's greatly mind blowing
Is that I relax in prayerful ruminating
It improves my sereneness
This gives me imperativeness
About existence in entireness
The more I practice it
The more grounded I get
In state of being complete and whole
While enjoying get-up-and-go
With health and fervent vigor
As a full of life - citizen senior

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I was most likely ten in 2008 or younger. I like your flow. I don't quite know exactly what you are talking about.
Did you send this poem to Oval office [US] Downing Street [UK] n’ ‘curry bashing’ Aussies [excuse me not all] …hammering poem must be sent as statutory memo to them for future… thanks for sharing…Hon’ble Poet Jerry Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10 [heart felt = hf]
Hello to you Jerry also! Thank you for your short message...I stopped on your poees-book and I see, I will like your poem, coz first I read here captured my mind :)
Naw! Don't hold back so much! How do you REALLY feel? ? ? ? heheheheheee....! Welcome back, poet! And, welcome to 2009! Lord, but could there ever be a poem about that! And you'd be the one to do it! xxxElys
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