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2008 American Presidential Election Poem - Another Four Years?
JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

2008 American Presidential Election Poem - Another Four Years?

wonder how Republicans
are going to retain the Presidency
so war engrossed they have lost
touch with the reality of the world
so war embroiled, their breaths,
their conversations, their television
appearances smell nothing but
the indecency of war depriving
our fellow Americans of a right
perspective and connection
with the world at large
and fellow Iraqis a right to settle
their own homegrown problems

McCain well, the man has talked
so much about war, he smells
shrapnels, fighter planes,
tanks, bullets, and deaths
the last thing America would like
to be reminded of is another four years
of lost lives and a messy world in the
throes of an economic turmoil.
the last thing America needs
is a man who would continue
the White House as a war centre
where American deaths are
continuously tallied and the
American dollars abused
devalued and burnt with
smoke billowing to the sky
as if they were hell money and
n the name of a cause that spells
nothing but many lost hopes
no way unless Americans turn suicidal!

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