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2008 American Presidential Election Poem - Funny Sarah, Quirky John
JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

2008 American Presidential Election Poem - Funny Sarah, Quirky John

uncle john badly wants
to be the president of
the United States
because he thinks
that's the only smart thing
an old man can do

and auntie Sarah badly
wants to be his
Vice President
because she thinks
that's the only pretty thing
a lady from Alaska can
hope to do
she even thinks it can
keep the body warm
better than the moose
and the polar bears

and who does not want
to be a VP of a president of 72?
it is just a step, a breath away from
becoming President
and the shoe fits so well

but there is a little hurdle
uncle john cannot seem
able to cross

uncle john cant see
the difference between the
A and Z of the costs
to run the country, on
gas, regular petrol or
on premium

and when the banks come
tumbling down
he is laughing and rolling
cheering everybody: up:
'dont dont run, dont cow,
it is just the money
rolling down.
the foundation is
strong. the foundation is strong
just dont you run,
it is just the banks'
new investment calls.'

and and auntie Salleh
oh oh no, no, no
while sitting on television
for the interview of her life
she cant think about anything
but begs to call her friends
to help her out
Oh my lifelines, my lifelines
where are the moose?
where are the polar bears?
the pitbulls? hockey moms?
and my lipsticks....errrr

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