(7TH OCTOBER 1951 / Trissur, Kerala State, India.)

2008, What Will You Be ?

Dear 2008,2008,
What shall you deliver?
A few assassinations?
A few typhoons?
Will there be aTsunami?
A few fresh presidents?
Anything unprecedent?
How many million death?
How many million births?
How many weddings?
How many divorces?
How many crimes?
How many jailbirds?
How many fresh loves?
Will you make the world
Happy or sad by an average?
Or will you make it merrier?
Or will you make a world war?
How will you be?
How has the boss of yours,
Mr. God written your horscope?
Or will it be on a daily basis?

Ravikiran Arakkal

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