2010/04/03 Transformation

Woke up, sun shining, mist lifting from the
wet earth, ran outside, watched water-drops
glittering like the sheerest lace on the cycads
and ferns, the canopy of trees above my head
creating a forest green - kitchen disintegrating,
dishes everywhere, I cannot stop

Lying in the sun enjoying its magical touch, jumped
into the ice-cold pool, spent the whole morning in the
garden - came inside to read about teleportation of
sub-atomic particles, create pairs of photons, when
changing the state of one, the other also changes
immediately - through entanglement

Chinese researches used a high-speed camera to film
teleportation of objects in the laboratory - pills sealed
in a glass container teleported by a psychic to another
see-through container, proving solid materials can in-
terpenetrate each other - promising a spiritual trans-
formation beyond our wildest dreams

Yet I must clean the kitchen…

“Spirit Communcation” Roy Stemman, Piatkus 2005
Quoted from pp.266-268

by Margaret Alice

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