2010/04/05 Emotions (Rev.)

Peter Schaffer’s film ‘Amadeus’ – the part where
Emperor Franz Joseph says Antonio Salieri was
the greatest composer Vienna has ever seen,
remembering my twin sister burst into tears at
this scene, could not stand Mozart despised

I cried at Mozart’s opera ‘The Magic Flute’
presented in a public theatre with Schikaneder,
Mozart drinking, looking degraded, losing his
status and dignity, we* both cried in the same movie,
but at different parts,

She lamented Mozart’s pain when humiliated by the
Emperor – I cried when Mozart gave in and lowered
standards; two Astrogenetic Cancers* ruled by our
emotions, yet different things move us; I want a hero
to be dignified while she wants a hero to be happy

I knew Mozart’s work endured, withholding idol-status
from him did not stop his work from gaining eternal
fame - I did not feel threatened by his lack of worldly
acclaim; she wanted him to be popular while he was
alive - but I think happiness is only found

In a small domestic circle,
popularity does not mean anything...

*My twin sister and I, Astrogenetic sign means counting
eight or nine months back from date of birth to find
probable date of conception as the fetus is much
more receptive to electro- magnetic influence
than the new-born baby

by Margaret Alice

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