2010/04/05 Respect (Rev.)

I never blame you for mistakes or nag you when you drink
if irrational feelings overwhelm you my defence is immediate
explaining your weird behaviour, making peace with your
possessive jealousy masquerading as expediency

Yet when I err and walk away you attack, blaming me,
point unsatisfactory behaviour, reciting a litany of sins I am
prone to commit, delineating in which ways I let you down,
nagging and grumbling while drinking red wine -

Your alcohol consumption might equate to my ingesting
allergenic foodstuffs, yet while you are always tacitly
exonerated you blame me as soon as you can get in a
salvo because I did not seem compliant, did not agree

Hang on - I confessed I ate bread today, you simply changed
tack and attacked anew: How DARE I mention the allergy, I
have no right to hide behind that effect – though you can use
any excuse for doing as you please

I take a myriad of pills to combat symptoms,
soon I will be my old lenient self again, accept
all accusation and guilt, agree that it is me who
should be condemned

And you go free as the most innocent, loving person who
ever lived in this world; a basis for the respect that is due
to you – I insist on self-respect and respect for others
I shall respect you and all you do – while I am here...

by Margaret Alice

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Ouch, discorde is detected. But it does point out how arguments have gone for me, I used to say unpleasant things, then pave my logic to make me seem secure and 'in the right' but it was all just wind through the trees, in the end.