2011/04/13 Lovely, Wayward Child (Rev.)

To my Teenage Daughter

You will not leave me yet, you need my love
protecting you to help you understand the
need to see the world a place of joyousness –
to learn perception and rejoice each challenge
camouflaged as obstacles omnipresent

I’m glad you’ll still be home with us a few more
years and not be forced to live alone, I love the
prospect of your mock sarcastic voice reminding
me of who I am, your room a mess without respite,
your vexed entanglement in gauche imbroglios

It’s fun to help you sort the mess and solve an
ambiguity or two at least of life, so worry less when
faced with sore mistakes, it glamorises and excites
my little life – I thank you much for that my
lovely, wayward child!

by Margaret Alice

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