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' 2011/05/05 Smile At Me Again
(The Crystal Age / Pretoria - South Africa)

' 2011/05/05 Smile At Me Again

Poem By Margaret Alice

Your stuffed bulldog tinkles, his green and
red bow repeats colours of your flowers –
a high-fashion magazine in hand; you are
already eating, we may bring sweet treats
you said immediately, condensed milk and
cookies, then fell asleep

Overjoyed I report finishing my document
before coming to see you, the pastor there
too, prayed for your health, reaffirmed our
faith –we cannot do anything now except
wait and pray you regain your strength, I
pasted stickers of fishes on your glory box

You asked me whether Nico was fine and
I truthfully replied he was sleeping, which
he is, with the angels; do not worry about
anything, just smile at me again…

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