2012 Chemical Daydreams

Poem By O.S. Brooks

(Part one) Starry night

After all had settled
There was nothing left
Love and I where shaken
To walk about the mess

The starry night line gave us
A world that opened up
Not a soul it left to live
Only Love and us

Life was still inside my Love
Pleased I smile relieved
Born he looked as angels do
Love started to bleed

She did pass a fading dream
As drifting sands blew in
Summer came on harsh that year
And took away my friend

In the end beneath the sky
We were left to see
All the world was not a stage
We were blessed to be

Less than blessed I fell in pain
Asking God to take
Away my breath and every step
If not for me Life’s sake…

(Part 2) Darkness

Time not love was needed
Least of all in fact
Distant how I pleaded
Just to get her back
When the night took my heart
I could not relax
Felt betrayed and on my own
to raised a life from scratch
If all fails, it’s written
to reach within your soul
take the time to notice
you are not alone
Nature gave me courage
nutrient to feed
Life and Life's long partner
who learned about my plea
I cried until my eyes ran dry
needed time alone
found a spot that's safe and warm
called the den our home
That was when the wind was pleasant
Braced against a hill
Is the life that passed like many
Caught amongst the chill
Winter, such a dreaded thought
Life is put on hold
Hard to find a fowl or fox
Hard to keep control
Out my peering window
Distant with a glow
Winter’s almost over
Blissful when it goes

In the spring life drifted
On an ocean boat
Bellies filled by fishing
I was dinner to

(Part 3) The wind…

I sit, quiescent on the shoulders of time
Looking in the directional distance of freedom

The sun, peering over the indistinct horizon
Holds the pulse of life in it's condescend illumination.

The earth, at peace never makes a statement
Sounds of hope whisper with the wind

I hear, how a change has come
Like the loss of our democracy
Like the weathering breeze

I teach each new life about the old ones who have past
And, how the ocean grew too large for us to embrace

The world, sleeping daily
Waits for the sun to warm up the sky over Mansfield

The day, new like an infant's first cry for understanding
Brings hope for the last pair left.

I, believing my thoughts run parallel with faith,
Craft warmth in the narrows of my mind

The insurmountable long road ahead
Stretches on past the limits of my watch

Beyond the great sun, we, my dead wife and I
Celebrate the birth of our son and the child we had found

They grow as time takes life from me
They know little about the earth's expectations for them

They sing songs of yesterday taught by a father who has since gone

I watch them from a ghostly distance as their phenomenon extends toward light

They understand…
They believe just as the sun has learned to trust in them

Together they grow with the aging wind
That whispers 'all is not lost my son, be strong'

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Very nice write.....As new begining approches we must not fear but embrace it! !
Hey by any fat chance you know about the Dec 21,2012? Just curious.

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