Traditions implemented,
And celebrated with excitement...
To elevate and uplift,
Will always be anticipated...
By those wishing their tomorrows come,
With a purpose to forget and forgive...
Every negativity that descended upon them,
That came unexpectedly to make a surprise visit.

And when the celebration with the excitement has gone,
It is back to what is familiar!
Moaning to complain,
How so much has changed.
With a wish to relive the good 'ole' days.
As they reminisce the excitement,
Of anticipating days celebrated...
That are just not the same as they use to be.

In 2013...
More meaningful will be the transition.
And more aware with a caring done,
Without seeking to impress to express...
One's committment to accept honesty.
And it will be shared to be addressed by everyone.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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I think you, people, are also fooled with the New Year Celebrations, as the festivities are about to happen in every household! Any way Happy New Year, Lawrence!