2013 A Flowing River

The year 2013 was a flowing river of time
it flowed swiftly
sometimes over beds of rocks
sometimes over pebbles

by Sunprincess Click to read full poem

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I like the flow its so nice.
it reminds me of the similarities between time and tide they wait 4 none neither you can make them stop but if u try to run with time its enjoying nice loved reading
Time does flow just like water. A very apt metaphor. :)
I saw the dates of composition the second time I read this poem. It enhanced my enjoyment to realize it was written on New Year's Eve and posted on New Year's Day. What struck me by the time I reached the middle was the quietude of the poem - this is not a poem celebrating the end/the beginning with a wild party, or even a large group of people. It emphasizes the steady flow of time over a year when even obstacles and irregularities can be overcome by (yes) the quiet water. I liked the turning point of the waterfall marking the new year. The celebrants of 2014 - the unicorns and fairies - seem more like guardians - there will always be the need for guardians! The year is quietly unfolding.
When an year is passing an age is going to be high in one's life period and such period dwindles from the total figure. The poet says that the year has gone just like a flowing of river and imagination is supported in beautiful poem and likes very much.
This poem makes a wonderful counterpart to COME ON A JOURNEY WITH ME. This one describes time as something we can see and follow, something which doesn't create mystery and confusion but rather moves straight to its destination - a New Year - which picks up and continues the forward movement. This is a celebration of VISIBLE TIME, because all of its actions are observable, all of its effects are known. How reassuring! But then turn to your other poem, and WOW! nothing can be seen clearly, everything is paradoxical. The one trait both poems share is your enthusiastic voice narrating two different journeys, making poetry out of the mysteries of nature.
It's an interesting metaphorical poem. Time is like a flowing river and your poem describes it aptly.
Very imaginative, Rachel! Somehow you will find a space for fairies and unicorns! This poem flows smoothly with the flow of time! Greatly enjoyed! !
Good imagination..just nice to read..
excellent...the lines were dancing in front of my eyes and i was clearly visualizing the waterfall that you have described in a very smooth way......a good write
A great expression of how the year went, seeing it as a flowing river, and now the river has become something else a new year. May you have good fortune in your river.
wonderfull creativity, , , really liked the way, , you wrote these lines then all of a sudden it cascaded down into a beautiful waterfall and filled the natural pool below it doesnot matter if the year 2013 was good or bad for us, , , we would definetly miss it, ,
Beautiful Rachel, full of wonderful imagination. Very well done.