2014 - India

Thank God, You are here,
And you are watching the election.

Thank God, You have made us

by Gajanan Mishra Click to read full poem

Comments about 2014 - India

Richard Jarboe 11 Feb 2019 01:34
Keep truckin, sooner or later 1960 will reappear
Sriranji Aratisankar 29 Jul 2016 05:46
Your simple language and way of expression wonderful. The more i going through your poems tme more i'm impressed. thanks.....
Manthra H 15 Oct 2014 10:37
Has a clear thought being expressed...sir I like your poems..and I would really thank god
Sd Tiwari 13 May 2014 06:01
Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharata, abhyuthanam... Yes Poet! let's thank to God who would rescue us from the drowning boat. Well taken in your poem.
Chris G. Vaillancourt 06 May 2014 11:42
a thought-provoking and interesting poem...well done!
Vishal Sharma 05 May 2014 10:25
nice flick Like it.great
Cynthia Buhain-baello 04 May 2014 09:53
A very passionate and heart-felt poem for your country, India. Remrkably written.
Salini Nair 16 Apr 2014 05:16
Thank God, we hope Your return. Remember, my dear, please do come...all expect this sir...........
Douglas Scotney 02 Apr 2014 08:50
I'm not alarmed, Aasiq, but am often tempted.
Aasiq the poet 28 Mar 2014 09:02
the sweep of the poet is alarming. thanks for the one on the country. thanks.