2016 brings with it more meaning.
As things to possess become less valued.
Lives lost to greed for the purpose to receive,
An attention to get to impress others to accept...
Will find many feeling regret,
To discover they let possessions dictate...
Valued relationships to end without them mending.

2016 brings with it more meaning.
As many will awaken from a deluded foolishness,
With minds much more enlightened...
And prepared to evaluate deception for what it is.
To do this pursuing a truth to be done,
Like no other time to us that has come...
When those who spoke truth were ignored to shun.

2016 brings with it more meaning.
Few will be seen running away from reality.
Too much of it revealed will be available for all to see.
With a wish to welcome and identify it.
As arms open no longer folded across cold chests.
When passing judgement fades to lose its affect left,
To leave those choosing their own flaws to correct.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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