Meet it to greet.
And be determined to stay,
With it to win.
To move away,
From what had been done...
In those gone yesterdays.
Not to return to relive.
With them wished as before,
To have more time to ignore.
Close that door on 2016.
Whatever wasn't done,
Begin with purpose and meaning
In 2017.

Don't half-step to the stage.
Under dim light.
And no announced thunder.
Take that 'mic' and begin,
Hearing yourself sing.
Be in it to win in 2017.

Give it your all.
Turn away from insecurities.
Let it known you've arrived.
To say good-bye to all fears,
Once saved.
Make no excuses to start again.
Produce to prove,
What it is you 'can' do.
And refuse to listen to anyone,
Heard to hear and may say...
What it is you do,
They can do a better way.

Be in it to win.
Don't half-step to the stage.
Always know wherever you go...
Naysayers will arrive.
And try their best,
To steal your thunder.
While criticizing every step,
You make.
As they take notes hoping,
To re-create them.

Don't half-step or be afraid.
Get on that stage.
And let it known with it shown,
Not only you can produce,
Lightning, thunder and rain.
But you can reduce pockets too.
If you desired to use,
Special effects...
No one has yet to see.

And in 2017...
Who knows?
You may be the one to decide,
Who pays what price...
For each of your performances.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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