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Poem By Raj Dronamraju

She said "I don't deal in clues, I deal in solutions"
Oh how I wish I'd met you earlier
We share the roots of an alien envy directed at youth
That seems to have it easier than we did when we were the same age
Could have predicted this sadness coming from helplessness
Could have celebrated freely what it means to be 21

I will be the bastard that picks a fight over a small sum of money, a haircut, when you are using the car
Get out the ringing truncheon whose weighted attack increases in mass with age
Copy every other middle aged fighter who stepped into the ring
Tied his resentment to his fists like gloves
And went after what it means to be 21

The first legal draft he poured down his throat
On a supermarket job lunch break viewing the end of employment in his near future
Now the Saturday drinking session is considered as much a right as a social obligation
You'll fight for prohibition of the empty glass
And prohibition on any mention of what it means to be 21

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