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Racial Abuse

When dead night descends on earth,
It is for sure someone is picked from his berth,
To travel safely to heavenly abode and reside,
Seek permanent refuge with all worries to subside,

Night depict horror, terror in colour black,
No chance to recover and report back,
But when it largely looms over the big horizon,
Big dark forests may feel shame in Amazons,

Nature’s discrimination is well defined,
It has message and meaning well refined,
Never it has narrow aim and not confined,
Always kind to mankind and not fined,

If nature resorts to some kid of discrimination,
The place left is only ground cremation,
It needs no signal for confirmation,
Its impact is always yes in affirmation,

It is difficult to understand term racial,
Beauty may surface even without facial,
Survival may be the question crucial,
But why practice it private or official?

If you can challenge the power supreme?
Steps you take very outdated and extreme,
Only you think that race May extinct,
If you not resort to attack and inflict,

Many nations look so liberal and human,
Advocate the human rights for woman,
Message of love and peace sent across,
But at home they draw the sharp swords,

Who can prove which race is super?
Claim over all and try to keep hand upper,
Can this lead to harmony and avoid unrest,
What course is left then suitable and best?

My head bows in shame and protest,
Not succumb to pressure and contest,
It is not the time for attack and test,
The hard won battle may have more rest,

I continue to suffer agony and plight,
Many flee homes and leave by flight,
May not be the reason so convincing and right,
But dark may always rule over beautiful light,

Racial attacks on students serve no purpose,
In olden days kings were thrown and depose,
Does this not shock student community?
Who are symbol of progress and continuity?

Whether students, blacks, whites or creed,
All are essential and immediate need,
What most they expect is positive feed,
So when back home can certainly lead.

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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