21 And Rising

my words fill in blank memories,
while images of you stay fresh like ocean air—
weaved in my soul like the braids of my hair.

by s./j. goldner Click to read full poem

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Your mom is still dead....I wonder how are those 3 DUI's on your record?
Love is far more interesting. Good Poem
Rules in I must enter 20 characters when all I want to say is, It's beautiful..
'twenty-one and rising: you were the only love I didn't borrow kiss me now for I know of no tomorrow' Chills.
'a truth is best hidden between two lies, you didn't hear it through the goodbyes' .............truth is a well masquerade-r and a conjurer where you are fascinated most times.21 and rising and the rest is enigmatic too......wonder around, thanks for sharing/salu
Very nicely written. Well thought out. I loved it......10
A poem to be read allowed. I enjoyed the overall flow of the piece.
Great work. This is really good. Keep going...
great composition and imagery..all I can say is..Perfect! Keep it up God bless Alice
really, really good. Very evocative, love it.
No words to say No words to hear I know better than you what do you want to say You know better than me What do I want to say. Thanks dear susan for this great piece. I do love an invisible being. I understand the pain of love.You have a hope to meet your fiance.But I dont have.
You didn't listen to his silence. For what it's worth-I like your 'stuff'
Not hearing it between the two goodbyes.....you write with an endearing heart and sincerity. God bless you. arya
This poem is tuned in such mellowed words, instantly takes the reader to your world, kudos sathya narayana
I like it better with the braids of hair compared to the soul rather then the ocean air and how that comes undone.
Wow Sus, this is one hell of a poem, no wonder it made it into the Top 500, I love the last stanza, 'a truth is best hidden between two lines', Fan-fncking-tastic! ! ! HG: -) xx
great poem, I really like it, Take Care Darryn
I keep wanting to reread this. You built so much raw emotion around a simple refrain. Love the style, the way you lay out the words.
hmm... such a nice poem. The lines are filled with emotions. cool for me.
A raw bruise, still wanting it.