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21 Dog Haiku

A dog abandoned stays at
a telephone poll
on Howe Road for
48 hours running
after every car
which looks
like his

Hundreds of dogs have been
run to
death or frozen
or broken legged or drowned
or smashed
in the Iditarod which Sarah
Palin supports.

Dogs at San Diego
State, Ohio State
etc. in forced swimming
or sleeplessness or
other experiments
social animals kept alone

Dogs eaten
after being skinned
alive in Korea
eaten without being skinned
in Taiwan and China

Mangy Dogs leaving pawprints
of blood starving
to death from telescoped

Junkyard dogs
.. neglected
dying of thirst

Back yard dogs
with chains embedded
in their necks
from long neglect

Dogs are carved up
at Summa Hospital

Dogs used as minesniffers
blown apart
in Afghanistan and Iraq
on the orders of neocon

Dogs researched upon
in labs are kept in cages..
with sores where wire meets flesh

Greyhounds with living
rabbits as race motivators
.. breaking their legs
in dog racing

Dogs dying in the hold
of airplanes
smashed by big boxes

Dogs abandoned on
the dock

'Hunting dogs' like
beagles.. kept
in cages all year

Police dogs trembling
in the cold
captive to
earthlaw enforcers

50,000 dogs or other
research animals died at the
Univ of Texas
trapped in cages
drowning in a flood
No human beings died.

Dogs dying of
at the
graves of their masters

Dogs losing legs in
steel jaw traps

Dr Blalock of Johns Hopkins
developed the Blalock Press
which measured how many
pounds of pressure a dogs'
bones could take before
they broke. HBO made a movie
praising him.

Robert White at a Cleveland
research facility made 2 headed
dogs... the decapitated dogs
died immediately.. the
2 headed dogs after a few days
at most.

At Tufts Univ. dogs had their
legs broken in experiments.

God have mercy
on all beings
today and forever, especially
on those who give love unconditionally
and totally, asking nothing in
return but a bowl of dirty water
and some dry food.

PCRM is a group of 1000 vegan MD's and others
who recommend vegan diet for dogs. Vegan
dogs live longer, have much less kidney, arthritis,
cardiovascular and other disease.

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