21 Gun Salute Is Not Enough....

I grew up not more than twelve years
gradually into a family not my own
we'd catch all the tears
and make each others problems our own

today we said goodbye
to a man with the greatest decency
he gave us honor and pride
a really good man, as far as I can see

When the twenty-one gun salute
started it's fatal goodbye
I had to stop and try
to hold the tears back in my eyes

Taps was played, the lonliest sound
i was standing behind his wife
not 2 feet from men keeping the flag off the ground
they gave her a flag in honor of his life

it was very sad to think of life
this one was taken away
the prankster with his life
of different tricks each day

So when I looked on his face
for the very last time
i felt a deeper hurt than
ever before in my life

he felt like my grandfather
only seperated by blood
everyone will miss him so
this man was very good

deep sorrow on our faces
deeper hurt left unconveyed
we'll see him so may places
and wish he could have stayed

but Sam now walks in gardens
of flowers and roses and he cares
he smiles and waits for his wife
to put a rose in her hair

just like her we want to see
and hear him joke again
Sam will always be
in our hearts, rest well dear friend.

In memory of Samuel Powers
rest well, wait for us, and look forward
to the day when you
can prank us all again

by wild fire

Comments (2)

You are a great prose writer and should write a book about your life. I'm sure it will be a compelling story. You writing gift will make it so. I intended to read one poem and read three. That should tell you something. GW62 May I suggest a poem of mine, ' Harmony II (The Fourth True Love) .'
And it never is. It's a beautiful tribute to who, I'm sure, was a great man.