JG (3-26-81 / Washington, PA)

21 Sacraments For The Descent Of The Holy Mother

You and I are lovers
And along the way
Love and pain trade blows with one another

We walk up the stairs
We have the feeling that something wants to harm us
So we quicken our pace
As we begin to run up the many flights of stairs
Wall men emerge from the wall
And they begin to swing their arms at us

Our love's the only thing that's making us strong
Our love's the only thing that's helping us survive
As we move along

He waits
With his array of weapons
And an evil smile
He awaits to complete the 21 sacraments for the descent of the Holy Mother

1 through 10 for the 10 hearts
11 for assumption and the power of heaven
12 for the Void
13 for Darkness
14 for Gloom
15 for Despair and the Giver of Wisdom
16 for Temptation
17 for the Source
18 for Watchfulness
19 for Chaos
20 for the Mother Reborn
21 for the Receiver of Wisdom

Try if you may
But you'll never destroy us

We'll cleanse our pain
We'll heal our love
We'll survive with our lives
The 21 sacraments shall never see the light of day

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