21st August 2007

Clanging round on an old stained floor,
Outside messages to lovers on a stone wall,
Reaching out forever looking for more,
For my princess the one who I would adore,
Just the same old story,
A boring night with another jack a nor re,
The boy who sings his songs and writes his words forever onwards hopefully to be heard,
Will he grow and let his virtue be,
Not another wreck head creating a scene,
Turn my key and let me go,
Eventually I’ll end up on a busy road,
I love you, I love you, once more for luck, I love you,
My life is down with all the fault of my own,
I no longer care for words or your good lucks,
Your charm to the crowd or the way that you look,
When kicking in your head and breaths don’t seem to last,
I seem to wish I was in bed and all in the far past,
As far as I can push it right out of mind,
For me you see I commit my own crimes,
Crimes of youth, crimes of passion, crimes of crashes,
To be a marvel with the names of the ages,
Myths of warriors, gods and lovers,
Little kids with wax wings,
The point has come and my page has turned,
You see I wish to take the place of one who observes,
I want no medals,
Or clever books of rhyme,
I no longer wish to commit my own crimes,
I now hope to sit back and learn how to fly high,
By crossing the T's and dotting the I's........

by Dimitrios Cofinas

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