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(...........22aug) In The Library
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(...........22aug) In The Library

I come here not for renewal
of my books, but of myself.

The library
is a temple of silence
in a world of noise.

In silence I can think.
In silence I can nurture
the small one within me
in his fetal position,
eyes closed, trusting
to float in the dark
amneotic fluid,

as gravity-free
as an astronaut
in that other dark womb.

This space is not
that space, though.

Here, the small one
floats, trusts, relaxes,
lets himself go
where the currents take him,
the dark, friendly currents.

He does not need to think.
Allowed to forget,
he begins
to remember.

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Comments (5)

Good morning Max - This one pulls me into still waters, where I can feel at ease with the world today. Look at my Be Quiet Please when you have time, and see if you agree. LOL - Cheryl
a peaceful poem..i can feel it..thanks for sharing
An inner sanctum, a place to reflect, the echo of silence...I have to agree with t, the first two lines struck a chord with me. A wonderfully reflective poem Max, almost like a guided meditation, left me feeling calm and relaxed. Justine
Those first two lines completely sum it up for me. You have that knack generally, of course. t x
'In silence I can think.' you have another great poem Max. Colin J..