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23 Fitzroy Road , In The Middle
DG (9/19/1963 / )

23 Fitzroy Road , In The Middle

LUST, restoration,
weight, exhausted,
by a pregnant thought,
mental hospital, each
one filled with lonlyness,
and hard drugs.
CACOPHONY, fills your
head with laughter,
your hands, hit all the
right chords, still you find
your self in the middle,
waiting for some thing,
any thing, good to break

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Comments (7)

Amen Amen. I like it. Good piece.
Excellent poem, I love abstract poetry---Melvina---
Wow, this is powerful. Concise, as you've noted, with a lot of force. Sort of Robert Creeley meets Emily Dickinson, with a contemporary attitude. Gotta' check out more of your stuff. CM
Great poem. Drugs can and may cause death and an entryway into a nuthouse of craziness. An easy ten given here. God bless all poets-MJG.
Hi David, I like this poem, it was unique and very different. It sounded kind of sad. You write with good expression and emotion. This one is different from your other poems. It was still good. Take care.
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