DG (9/19/1963 / )

Fire Fire Everywhere!

Fire, fire everywhere
in men, women and nations
flames as desert mirage,
lures the crazy of power.
All negative thoughts;
No positive thoughts-
Of peace and creations
Though Creator so wishes.
I nurse a dreamy nurse's
dreams that nurse future
as noble, lovely culture.

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Comments (3)

Hi David, I think this poem is really good. You have great imagery. You are a talented writer and I enjoy reading your poetry. I hope you are not mad at me but I do not like violence that's it. Sorry if offended you with the last poem. Take care.
David, I actually prefer fought and devel - they push the imagination further -making the reeding much more interesting. Anyway its bloody boring spelling everything the same way all the time isn't it. This is how language has developed - if we didn't change things we would all still be writing in old english like Chaucer. And the poem is great! Thanks Egal...
Alcohol is a vicious addiction that is for sure David. should that be, it wasn't my fault? And Devil. Just a thought. 9 from Tai