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23 Metamorphosis

The drops the rain scatters the river then gathers.. to give to the sea
who in turn offers them in her great chalice to the sun
You dwell where dreams immortal are ushered through
materializing portals
When day's azure blues become eve's purple hues
then violets are not blue.
That flourish the forget me nots
God fastens roots to stems with knots
and ties the fragrant honeysuckle
to her twigs with seamless buckles.
When raindrops slowly slide off of the rose
they take with them her fragrant ambrosia
How did the sweet rain transubstantiate to juice of pear?
We want all others to love him because we love him.
The large mango seed makes an orchard mangotreed,
but the tiny acorn unfurls into much larger and thicker groves.
Now the Red Sea of clover is Bee-cloven
But back to Queen Lover flies bee Beethoven
Devoured by silkworms are jade mulberry leaves
... silkworms boiled alive for silk sleeves
.. worms and leaves.. for Spirit their bodies leave
Birds sing the anthems of Spring. The faithful wind flaps
the flower flags.
Gold centered pink daisies.. their buds little balls of
pink yarn.. used to weave the pink clouds of the rising sun
polymorphous water.. reborn as rain ice snow fog and mist
dew puddles brooklets
ponds, lakes, bays, rivers, foam, spray, seas
What is the shape of thunder? a cloud
How amazing that Goddesigned slices of limes and lemons hold each
limedropp or lemondrop
jewel in its chamber until it is squeezed. Some of God's
gifts await in the wings just the slightest effort on our part.
The bubble bursts into seaspray.. and then lifts off on
solar rays
If God made too lovely the cocoon, would the caterpillar
want to leave his room?
(4 Flowers is to Rosita and Charlie Davis)
Chalice to the sun is to J Pichette

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Maya Angelou

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