24: 40 Hours, February 10,2006, On The Edge Of Consciousness.

In bold colors I can sense him near me
I wonder where he is and how he is
Whether he is at all
Whether he is, or isn't and I am imagining his existence
The faint scent acknowleging he's real lingers in my bedding, it brought the bold colors. So he is then.
Solved: the issues of whether I imagined him there on the edge of consciousness, his scent would not be there otherwise.

Why did I do that?
Something primal answers: you wanted him, and he wanted you.

but why?
it answers again: he seemed worthy.

Was he worthy?

Was it right?
Something divine answers: I have given you the sense to know that without my help. Did it feel right?

* I have for the most part worked this out, I was revisiting the idea when it was written.

by Sam Morrow

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Wild and crazy...very good signorita Take care Roger
Take it even further. Look for the book 'Crush, ' poems by a new poet-can't remember his name. Mark Doty is another to explore. Good luck. John Kay