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.24) Forever
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.24) Forever

Sweet summers we stayed outdoors
till we could no longer tell
the trees from the dark between them
and a brigade of fireflies had failed
in its quest to prolong the day.

We had a name for daylight’s stopping
time in a slow embrace of farewell,
a kind reprieve to our outdoor games
till the moment night’s blanket covered
the last of earth’s cradle, and the blanket
came alive with singing: that name was forever.
We never spoke the name, but we knew—
Our minds were filled with forever.

Forever was also how long my friend and I
had known each other—we stood
by the trunk of the big tree in his front yard
trying to remember when we’d met,
struggling to give a name to a stretch
of the rolling river of Time, but such thoughts
flooded the beds of our minds.
All origins lay dim in memory’s forest:
“two years ago”, we murmured, but that
was just another name for forever.

Ah, that child’s “forever” turned out to be
a comet speeding through the vaster
firmament of our allotted days.

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Max - remember when we would go out to play and never come in until my dad would whistle and wherever we were in the neighborhood, we could hear him and knew we'd better get home. Summer vacation seemed to go on forever, and now it is here and gone in a blink. My mother always said, 'the older you get, the faster time passes' and I believe she was right! Excellent read............. Linda
Hello Max, I enjoyed this poem - you have a wonderful way of expressing yourself. I look forward to reading more from you. Warmest regards, CJ
I really liked this poem Max.. Sweet and enadearing memories of childhood that last forever.. well done! HBH
Max...this is lovely...the moments that stick with us seem to find their way back inside us! May our wonderous childhood stand clear...forever....I enjoyed the nostalic musings in this.
Very sweet,10+. I didn't see 'dispatched' anywhere, so I guess this poem has already been fixed. Looks like a good change, I definitely liked dispatched up poem.. -chuck
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