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24 Hours Sleepless Mind

Poet Chan Mongol
August 13 of 2019

I disagree with them who deny mind
Physical world isn't real but mind we find.
It works nonstop when you sleep or die
Mind is always free but the body we tie.

Mind can easily enter in the hell or paradise
Mind can say hello to all and do surprise.
Mind in us creates after feel or when spell
Only mind frames and builds heaven or hell.

Mind was there even before the birth
Mind never dies, sustainable after the earth.
It creates system, love, emotion, illusion
Thus, we can change in different condition.

Mind generates and frames all for beams
Mind frames physical existence in dreams.
It even works when a man is in coma
Holy mind is the mystery, unseen panorama.

Scientists must believe in the emptiness, zero
Mind is zero, the god, to let everything go!
Emptiness exists and you feel it, sense it
And so is the god and mind is the god, mind it!

Don't think that god is an image or an asteroid
Such is a fallacy and try hard to avoid.
Mind creates images and is sleepless, awaken
Mind creates good or bad from its palace, heaven.

Mind never sleeps, runs from near to far and far
Mind is the body less mystery in 24 hours, forever!
It has no limitation, no perimeter and no size
Mind has free access to penetrate and thus, oblige!

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you have a perfect buddhist mind
It works nonstop when you sleep> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > or die====brain is burned have u seen a dead rat o poet where does mind come from after death think pl RATIONALLY COOLLY SCIENTIFICALLY NO COMMUNICATION AFTER DEATH UNLESS YOU HAVE A SECRET KNOWLEDGE CCCCCCCMMMMMMMMMM